AFCNA provides excellent faith-based education, information and resources:

  • to equip and support Faith Community Nurses and
  • facilitate everyone to provide effective Faith Community Care.

The aim is to support your work and ministry as you seek to release ‘abundant life’ in every person, and to assist you to understand, set up and support either or both Faith Community Care in your local church (adding health to pastoral care ministry) and the role of a Faith Community Nurse.

We offer:

For nurses, undertaking education can count towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. Click here to read more and download tools to help recording CPD in the members section

Online education hub

The Online education hub can accessed at any time and in any place.

Click here to access

Available courses – click on the image or course names to visit the information/enrolment page for that course.

Introducing Faith Community Nursing: FREE

5 short sessions to increase your understanding of the role and covers some of the basic practicalities to start the role including how AFCNA can help nurses become a Faith Community Nurse, and churches with establishing Faith Community Nursing in your local community

Web workshops

FREE Web workshops are short interactive learning opportunities, facilitated by a person experienced in the topic to be discussed. Numbers are limited to 12 to ensure everyone can participate. 

Visit Events for more information

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Foundations of Faith Community Nursing online course

Building on the ‘Introducing Faith Community Nursing’ (AFCNA) , this 36-hour this comprehensive internationally recognised course prepares and equips Registered Nurses to become Faith Community Nurses (FCN). It covers topics such as spirituality, theology, professionalism, holistic health, health promotion, illness prevention, community health and much more, and can be useful to also prepare Faith Community Care workers.

Next course starts 3 September 2023
  • This course runs online over 6 months with interactive Zoom classes every 3 weeks
  • Commences 3rd September 2023
  • Cost $400 or members $300

Click here for detailed information and course overview and click here to register

Community of Practice

This is an opportunity to meet with Faith Community Nurse peers, share ideas and problem solve together, celebrate and encourage each other.

Often there will be a set discussion topic to explore.

Click here for our event calendar showing the dates for Community of Practice meetings.

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