A Masterpiece

One of my favourite verses has always been Ephesians 2:10.

“For you are God’s masterpiece, created through Christ Jesus to do the tasks He has prepared in advance for you to do”

Ephesians 2:10

My nursing career has taken me to all corners of the world and I have loved growing in this ministry.

Have you ever stopped to consider being a masterpiece? A masterpiece is a result of great skill, artistry and workmanship. It brings the sense of time taken for precision, careful and considered additions as time has elapsed. There is never a rush or urgency about a masterpiece but rather the finished outcome known to be well worth the time, effort and care poured gently into it.

Surely Leonardo da Vinci did whip through painting the Mona Lisa in a casual afternoon, nor The Starry Night rushed together by Vincent van Gogh before dinner.

A masterpiece is surely the result of a dynamic relationship between the creator and the created. There would have been considered time where da Vinci and van Gough stepped back, stepped forward, moved perspective, changed dimension and dabbled the exact colour on the brushes in order to create the most wonderful possibility on the canvas.

How much more does God pour into us as His masterpiece? I delight in the dynamic relationship between myself, my ever changing circumstances, my growing faith and God, my creator. Here at AFCNA our mission is to provide holistic nursing services to faith community and those around it serves and aims to prepare people to bring effective, compassionate care to the most vulnerable in our community.

I have loved nursing in several fields. After many years in Sydney hospitals and working in highly technical healthcare, the last 10 years of my career have leant towards rural and remote primary health care in PNG on medical ships and more recently international disaster response.

Looking back, I can see now how my career opportunities have all built on the previous experiences to give me better capacity to care for those in front of me with clinical confidence, calm direction and compassionate heart. My Creator has surely taken time to teach me broadly and craft my opportunities, to become closer and closer to the masterpiece He has intended for me to be in His world.

As we reflect, where is God taking you? What has He invited you into and what is important to you at the moment. May I encourage you to remember you are God’s masterpiece.

He is an active and dynamic Creator. He has nor finished with either you or me, and the possibilities are quite wonderful yet.

May we ponder on how we are bringing our faith to work, how we interact with those around us and how we can partner deeper with God to bring about on earth as it is in Heaven.

Gabi Macaulay
Chairperson AFCNA

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