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The courses aim to support your work and ministry as you seek to release ‘abundant life’ in every person, and are offered through the Australian Faith Community Nurses Association (AFCNA). The courses support your personal and professional growth and for nurses undertaking these courses can count towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Accessing the education hub

Financial members of AFCNA have access to discounted price courses (up to 40%) and members’ only courses by logging into the members’ area of the website and using the links.

Available courses – click on the image or course names to visit the information/enrolment page for that course

Introducing Faith Community Nursing: FREE

5 short sessions to increase your understanding of the role and covers some of the basic practicalities to start the role including how AFCNA can help nurses become a Faith Community Nurse, and churches with establishing Faith Community Nursing in your local community.

Restoring balance- avoiding compassion fatigue: $197 (members $118.20)

Caring for yourself whilst caring for others (contains Christian content)

The extensive course is divided into 4 self-paced modules that work you through the continuum from burnout and compassion fatigue through health and self-care to the restored balance of abundant life.

The course develops both the big picture of your vision for your restored life and offers a smorgasbord of options for the small steps and daily decisions to get there.  You will create a self-care plan in the process.

Life-lines: a journaling workshop for Christians $75 (members $45)

Do you want an easy and cheap way to possibly lower your stress, manage your emotions, problem solve and improve your health? Learn how to journal.

As a Christian journaling promotes reflection – an important tool in ministry practice, but has the important benefit of listening and capturing what God is saying to you. You can also journal as a tool to meditate on the Bible.

How to make a change that sticks $25 (members $15)

Do you read the word ‘change’ and think about those New Year’s resolutions you made full of good intentions that didn’t last into February!

This short course can help you make long-term change, or you may use the knowledge to support another person to change.

Bundled FREE with Restoring Balance – avoiding compassion fatigue.

Boundaries: FREE

The practice of setting boundaries with people in your life, your ministry, or your workplace can be challenging

Setting boundaries begins by understanding what boundaries are and how they work. A a key skill in setting boundaries is learning to say ‘no’ and there is an exercise in this course to practice that. This leads into recognising when your boundaries are being crossed and finding ways to create boundaries.

Foundations of Faith Community Nursing online course

Foundations of Faith Community Nursing commences 2nd May 2021

$400 (members $300). Registrations open via:

We will announce the release of new courses as they go online via our regular email newsletter and the WholeHealth magazine published 3 times each year